Jasmine Robertson from Activities Abroad on why the most treasured childhood memories are made on a family trip

Family holidays are the gift that keep on giving. Think back to your most cherished childhood memories and consider the ones that were made on a family trip. The Family Holiday Association found that 49% of British people said they created their happiest memories whilst being on a holiday with their family. However, there is more to travel than those moments spent together and the memories you treasure. Holidays are profoundly beneficial to your child’s development as they offer the chance to have invaluable experiences outside of the classroom and the opportunity to develop into as well-rounded individuals as the globe itself.

Quality family time

It can be difficult to tear the family away from their digital screens to spend some quality time together. Even on holiday, often families find themselves naturally separated into ‘kids’ clubs’ and ‘adult-only’ groups, leaving little time to experience a destination together. Our solution is a family activity holiday.

Using activity holidays as a bonding mechanism isn’t a new phenomenon. During team building days in the workplace, unconventional activities are often the focus because they develop skills, require teamwork and help create stronger relationships. Family activity holidays are similar in the way they offer many activities you wouldn’t normally do at home; however, their benefits reach further. They give you the gift of time, plenty of opportunities to put the phones down and more chances to reconnect as a family unit by playing and learning together. 

The mutual glee when you navigate river rapids together, the children’s new-found confidence as they tackle a canyoning adventure alongside their loved ones, and everyone’s amazement at underwater worlds filled with marine life are priceless experiences that every family member will talk about for years to come. 

Travelling to learn

Travel is an education that you can’t compare to the lessons in your child’s classroom. It opens the door for new and exciting experiences, discovery of different cultures, and provides the opportunity for children to venture out of their comfort zones, helping to develop new skillsets, broaden their horizons, and understanding of the world.

It’s not just for children. Travel is also an opportunity for parents to break from routine, enjoy time away from stresses of day-to-day life, focus on their children and open their eyes to the fun, adventurous side of Mum or Dad