Everything parents need to know about assessment tools such as UKiset, plus where to find extra support

Many top British independent schools successfully use assessment tools to assist them with admissions. Through using these tools, they can compare applicants, as well as determine whether the prospective students will be suited to the academic requirements and rigour of the school.

Parents also benefit from these assessment tools, as they help show their child’s academic ability, as well as ease the application process in many cases. One of the most widely-used academic assessment tools is the UK Independent Schools’ Entry test (UKiset). It tends to be taken by international students as a means of assessing their skills in English, Maths, and non-verbal reasoning, as well as providing a method of comparison to their peers in top independent schools.

Tests like UKiset are useful not only for those who are entering the British curriculum after studying abroad, but also for native English speakers who have been in the British curriculum all their academic life and as the world of education grows increasingly online, there is reason for parents to be considering tools like UKiset as more than a means of applying to schools.

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Assessment tools help to see your child’s true potential and ability

With the growing challenges facing young people today, it is of great benefit to understand your child’s abilities, in order to allow them to freely develop their skills.

When your child has been registered to take the UKiset, parents have the option of sending the results to prospective schools to review. The schools are given a full report with credible information on your child’s academic potential, so they can use it to fairly judge whether your child will suit the school’s pace. This can help save time and help parents to find exactly the right school for their child.

Additionally, after taking an assessment, thanks to the chart provided ranking your child against peers of the same age, parents can see where there might be gaps in their child’s learning, therefore allowing the chance to enlist a tutor or work on improving this area together.

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In preparing for the assessments, students learn valuable fundamental skills

Whether your child’s first language is English or not, in preparing for an academic assessment they will learn transferable skills that hey will take forward into life helping them to achieve their potential to the full.

For example, UKiset’s format includes an essay section; by receiving guidance or at least. practicing essay technique, your child will find secondary school and university homework and exams far easier as they will know how to properly setup and plan an essay. Although many assessments are hard to prepare for, given that they focus on verbal and non-verbal reasoning, tutoring agencies like Gabbitas are often able to offer bespoke guidance and preparation for a range of academic assessments, including the UKiset, from experts in their field.

For more information and help on academic assessment tools like UKiset, visit the Gabbitas website.