When it comes to your child’s education, choosing the right school can seem like an overwhelming task. The next stage is always in the back of your mind: where will they go after nursery? Which Prep school would be best? And which Senior school can set them up for university success? 

But it does not have to be so complicated. An all-through independent school is a brilliant option for parents looking for consistent, high-quality education for their child. Absolutely Education has teamed up with Eaton Square School, who provide a seamless learning experience for 2-18 year olds, to explain the benefits of choosing an all-through school.

Children stay settled

An all-through school allows your child to settle quickly and get used to the school environment without having to leave after a few short years. Frequent changes to a child’s routine can be distracting, and a new school means new friends must be made – a nerve-wracking task. However, an all-through school means pupils can stay with their friends throughout their schooling. At Eaton Square School, children can join Nursery at the age of 2 and stay until they finish the Sixth Form aged 18, creating long-lasting friendships and a real sense of community.

Teachers know your child well 

An all-through school is also highly beneficial for learning in the classroom. Teachers get to know a child’s background very well – both academic and personal – and are therefore able to cater for their specific needs and learning style. Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential and they are provided with consistent support throughout their schooling, allowing them to truly flourish in all areas from the sciences to the arts and sport.

No stressful application process

An all-through school means there is no stressful application process when it comes to moving on to the next stage of your child’s education. For example, there is a seamless transition between Eaton Square School Belgravia (Prep) and Eaton Square School Mayfair (Senior). Rather than sending children off into the unknown, teachers at all-through schools are able to fully prepare students for moving on to the next level of education, whether it is instilling a good work ethic or building their skills so they are ready to tackle the Senior curriculum.

No entrance exams

Another benefit of an all-through school is that children do not have to sit an entrance exam when moving from one stage to another. The school and families can focus on what matters – providing the child with a well-rounded education – rather than revising for entrance exams; this also protects children from the emotional stress of having to take exams at a young age.

An all-through school can benefit not only a child’s learning, but their personal wellbeing too. To find out more about Eaton Square School, click here.