teaching factual knowledge

In defence of traditional teaching methods

Andrew Copeman, on memory game. Why it still matters to teach factual knowledge.


The Benefits of Bilingualism

Pauline Prévot, Head of School at École Jeannine Manuel London, talks about the benefits of bilingual education nowadays.

social conscience

What does mean to be a school with social conscience?

Katherine Woodcock, Headmistress of Sydenham High School, on what it means to be a school with a social conscience in today's world.

We ask the heads of two leading schools, is it time to abolish GCSEs?

Head to head debate | We ask the heads of two leading schools, Bedales and Benenden, whether it's time to abolish GCSEs

St Catherine’s Bramley | The benefits of weekly boarding

Alice Phillips, Headmistress of St Catherine's Bramley, talks to Absolutely about extra-curricular activities and banning mobile phones

Mastering our minds | Growth mindset in a state school

The Headmaster of Churchill Academy, a state school in north Somerset, on the challenges of introducing a Growth Mindset ethos in his school