Extracurricular activities are just as important as academic subjects. They complement each other and help develop a well-rounded student with more social and practical skills than one who is only exposed to the set curriculum. It is fundamental that education goes beyond the four classroom walls; it should teach children skills which will benefit them in everyday life. Absolutely Education explores the benefits of extracurricular activities for your child.


It is important to instil good time management from a young age, and challenging your child to balance school work with a hobby is an effective way to do this. Going to extracurricular clubs encourages children to prioritise and make time for one of their passions. Procrastination can be an easy trap to fall into, but when they are motivated to use their time wisely, children will reap the benefits.


According to numerous studies, students who take an active part in extracurricular activities have better leadership skills, enhanced team working skills and higher levels of sympathy than their peers. Extracurricular activities allow your child to master skills that will benefit them for life. For example, joining the football club can improve hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills, and partaking in a drama class will harness their creativity whilst developing public speaking skills. After school clubs are a great way for children to make friends with a wider group of peers who they may not have met otherwise leading to better and more refined social skills.


Another advantage of encouraging extracurricular activities is that it teaches children how to be responsible and accountable. Most extracurricular activities require a team effort, which means each child has a designated role and is equally responsible for achieving the team’s goal. This gives children a sense of purpose, and completing a team goal can be a great confidence boost. Extracurricular activities help children learn the value of integrity and following a commitment through until the end.


When children are inspired to explore extracurricular activities, a curiosity and a love of learning is often translated to their work in the classroom. At The Lyceum School, children are strongly encouraged to develop their wider interests. A programme of clubs is available which directly complements lessons; for example, children begin learning Spanish at The Lyceum School from nursery and there is an after-school Spanish club for children to practise what they have learnt.


With a multitude of activities available, children at The Lyceum School can explore anything that fascinates them, from board games and coding, to performing arts and judo. With a wide variety of clubs and activities available everyday from 8am-5:45pm throughout the week, students can develop skills which will nurture their intellectual, social and physical capabilities, and, in turn, prepare them for the real world.

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