Pupils from Falcons School for Girls have recently developed their performing arts abilities, during a Drama and Music Workshop at the RHACC Theatre in Richmond.

Budding young actresses in Year 5 and 6 from the Putney-based school, joined the boys from Falcons Prep to explore the iconic Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet.

The morning began as the pupils, characterised as either Montagues or Capulets for the day, explored Shakespeare’s famous verse through rhythm and movement. The harmony of the beat was soon shattered by a dramatic staging of the Prologue by the rival houses, whose servants then challenged each other with an intense scene, all underscored by atmospheric music commendably improvised on the spot.

Pupils engaged in a highly-competitive challenge as each house was given an hour to compose an anthem using text, movement and song. The Capulets’ impressive acapella musical theatre offering was matched by the Montagues’ remarkable streetwise rap.

Following the intense musical competition, order was soon restored to conclude the day with a final 80-strong heartbeat, uniting the boys and girls from both schools in celebration of what they had shared.

Headmistress at Falcons School for Girls, Sara Williams-Ryan commented: “The girls thoroughly enjoyed the engaging workshop, and had such fun exploring the iconic play.”

“As an art form that is both dependent on, and seeks to nurture a child’s natural instinct for play, drama is a significant part of our vision here at Falcons School for Girls to encourage high levels of creativity. Opportunities such as this workshop are also an integral way to enhance speaking and listening skills and encourage confidence, enabling pupils to express themselves creatively, imaginatively and to communicate with others effectively.”

Enjoying a convenient location within the leafy conservation area of Woodborough Road, Putney with spacious green play areas, specialist facilities and dedicated teachers, Falcons School for Girls will inspire and challenge children to foster a curiosity and interest in the world around them and to develop a love of learning.

The school offers an optimal learning environment and leadership can be seen at every level of the school contributing to a cherishing and challenging culture.

Creativity is at the heart of Falcons School for Girls and teachers are able to adapt the delivery of the curriculum to reflect every pupils individual learning needs. The school also works closely with parents during the education process and each pupil is prepared for entry into the senior school which best meets their learning needs and future development.

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