As wide-eyed children, we all have an innate curiosity to learn, explore and discover new things but often this is lost due to the focus on getting good grades at school, rather than how enjoyable the learning process can be. Sydenham High School recognises the importance of developing an inquiring mind and maintaining a love of learning through providing a broad curriculum, enthusiastic teaching and extensive co-curricular and enrichment activities. Here are some things you as a parent can do to further support a love of learning in your little ones.

Help children discover their interests

An easy way to instil a love of learning in children is to allow them to explore and develop interests they already have. Help your child discover what they excel in by exposing them to as many things as possible. With over 60 clubs each week, including sports, the arts, philosophy and even calligraphy, Sydenham High helps children easily discover new talents or hidden passions. Once interests are established, it is important to provide the means and resources for your child to continue to develop them. By allowing a child to flourish in their natural talents, this sense of achievement will make them feel good about learning.

Take learning outside of the classroom 

Simply studying from a textbook can become boring, especially for young children and is an easy way to slowly curb their natural curiosity. Make learning an adventure by taking a trip to the aquarium, science museum or an art gallery. The more children are exposed and connected to their surroundings, the better their academic achievements will be. Pairing knowledge they get from the classroom with real world experiences helps children to understand and retain new information faster and more effectively than simply reading notes from a textbook. Hands-on activities spark a child’s interest and imagination.

Own your passion 

Everyone knows that the early years of a child’s life are integral to instilling morals, values and behaviours. It is no secret that the main way children learn is by watching what others do and repeating that behaviour – there is no bigger role model than a parent. Be a shining example, show that you are passionate about learning. Talk about your interests with enthusiasm, have honest and open discussions with your child about the challenges and benefits you experience when exploring your interests, and then ask them to do the same. With time, you can instil the same passion and enthusiasm in your child.

Remember it’s about the process

For children, it is easy to lose their love of learning when they are too focused on getting a good grade or result. If learning simply becomes about outcomes it is no longer interesting or fun and can actually cause anxiety. If they are constantly worried about getting an answer wrong or failing an exam, children can begin to dislike learning or give up when they encounter a difficult task. Ensure you as a parent have reasonable expectations for your child and are supportive if they struggle or fail. Remind them that learning and growing are not possible without making mistakes so that your child will be able to relax, enjoy and benefit from the learning process more.

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