To mark HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Knightsbridge School have designed and produced a very special video

Pupils at Knightsbridge School have worked together to create a special film that celebrates Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. The film, which the children helped conceive and direct, sees more than 400 staff, pupils and parents gathered in St Columba’s church opposite the school to sing ‘God Save the Queen’. After this they create a human chain to deliver a large present, wrapped in Union Jack wrapping paper, to Buckingham Palace, taking in many iconic London landmarks along the way. 

Knightsbridge School (KS) is located in SW1, close to Buckingham Palace. In the film, the present is passed from KS pupil to KS pupil from its Pont Street home, past Harrods,  Hyde Park, The Queen Mother’s Gate, Royal Horse Guards Parade, then on to Green Park and the gates of the Palace itself. Memorable moments include pupils seated on Boris Bikes and delightful interactions with police officers who help out with their special delivery.

Knightsbridge School
A rousing chorus of ‘God Save the Queen’ is followed by the parcel’s journey from Knightsbridge School in Pont Street to Buckingham Palace gates

The idea for the film came from Magoo Giles, Founder and Principal of Knightsbridge School, who wanted to pay tribute to HM. Giles, who was a Coldstream Guards Equerry to Her Majesty The Queen in the 1990s, hopes the film will help kick start the nation’s celebrations this year, while reminding the school community of the Queen’s incredible achievements. He says: “What an incredible achievement – Our Queen is an example to us all – role model, parent, grandparent and the favourite of the Nation and the Commonwealth. 70 years of duty, responsibility, tolerance, adaptability and continuity of self – how lucky are we to be able to watch ‘serve to lead’ in action”.

Shona Colaço, Head of Knightsbridge School, says: “I think it is a real privilege to be part of this extraordinary and wonderful moment in history –  being able to celebrate the life of the Queen and her long service to this country as she becomes Britain’s longest serving monarch. We wanted to do something special for Her Majesty, to mark the date of her accession to the throne and show how much we appreciate her. Our KS staff, children and parents will be able to look back on the date and the film with pride, and perhaps a smile, in years to come”.

For the children, this has been a magical project, says Gill Conlon, Head of the school’s nursery. “It was a very moving moment to see the nursery children singing their hearts out.  One little one wanted to know if the Queen was coming to see them!”

Knightsbridge School
KS pupils of all ages were involved in designing and making the film, playing their parts in safe transportation of the parcel to the Palace gates

Knightsbridge School Sports Ambassador Leo says: “I enjoyed the filming, and it was great to see the mounted Queen’s Guards. Her Majesty has helped lead our country for 70 years. Young people can learn a lot from her and be inspired by her reign as she started so young herself”.

“It is important for us to celebrate her long and amazing reign – 70 years is an incredibly long time for any job,” adds KS Mental Health Ambassador Waverly. “Celebrating the Jubilee inspires young people to dedicate themselves to something or be hard-working like her.”

Watch the Knightsbridge School video in honour of HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

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