Poppy and Alex, Head Girl and Head boy of Repton School talk us through a day in their lives

Alex, Repton Head Boy

7:00 – Wake up, have some breakfast and prepare for another full-on day at Repton.

8:40 – Following Wednesday morning chapel, it is Maths – always one to get the mind going – followed by another one-hour lesson before break.

10:35 – Break time means house common room – unless there is a Latin test looming (in which case I am desperately cramming in my study). It’s a great chance to see the boys, get some toast, and watch Premier League Years 1994/95 for the 80th time!

Alex Repton Copy
Repton Head Boy Alex looks forward to indoor football

1:00 – After two more lessons, it is time for a formal house lunch with all five years plus guests. There is always great conversation and my house, The Priory, certainly has the best food.

2:15 – In a busy afternoon, we kick off with 2nd XI football training. Afterwards, you’ll find me in the theatre, rehearsing for an upcoming play, in the fives courts unleashing my inner Roald Dahl, or perhaps in The Grubber with my friends.

5:50 – Following a more informal tea it is time for ‘Debating Society’, one of the most popular societies at Repton. Our debates can range from political voting systems to the role of the media and from performance enhancing drugs to data protection.

7:00 – Prep begins now and is a productive, uninterrupted two-hour slot to catch up on some homework or do some revision.

9:00 – What we’ve been waiting for all day! In the Priory, it’s our day for indoor football in the sports hall between 9-10. The anticipation has been building since last week’s encounter, but this is always a great laugh with the lads and the best way to finish the day.

Poppy, Repton Head Girl

7:00 – My alarm sounds, and I wake up. After a shower and a fulfilling breakfast, I am ready to leave my boarding house and begin the day.

8:40 – First lesson – Spanish. Immersing myself in the language of this wonderful country, so far from reach, provides a joyous momentary escape from the frosty winter morning.

10:35 – It’s break, and I head back to house for an Earl Grey and a digestive biscuit. The girls and I share details of our mornings, with music in the background.

Poppy Repton Copy
Poppy’s highlight is making music in the Repton Chapel

1:00  – Time for lunch! After an hour of Latin, a Tikka Masala awaits me back at the house. Afterwards, I head down to the music school for a ‘Reptiles’ rehearsal – the school close harmony group, which tackles a variety of genres, including pop and classical.

2:15 – My afternoon involves an hour of training in my favourite sport, netball. Then, if I can squeeze it in, a venture to the 1557 café – arguably the finest coffee in Derbyshire.

5:50 – After dinner, choir starts at 6:20 – an hour of making music in the magical Repton Chapel. Without a doubt, this is one of my favourite parts of the school day, especially when there’s a special service to rehearse for.

7:00 – Prep begins, and tonight, there is also a ‘Literary Society’ meeting at 8:00pm, involving discussions about the historical circumstances of renowned texts in English literature.

9:00 – And relax. The girls and I reconvene in the common room, and browse the TV guide for something to keep us entertained. I often use this time to unwind and reflect on another busy day at Repton.

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