Rosemead, which recently announced a merger with St Dunstan’s College, is celebrating its recent ISI inspection

Rosemead Prep and Nursery in Dulwich has announced the findings of its latest inspection from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The inspection, which was carried out in November, praised Rosemead’s academic approach to learning, pastoral care and support and the positive influence of the school’s values, vision, and leadership.

‘A highly customised approach to every pupil’s academic progress is a significant strength of the school,’ said the report. ‘A customised learning programme in mathematics, English and reasoning caters for pupils in Year 4 and above. This, supported by an extensive enrichment programme and much support for individuals, impacts on all groups of pupils, enabling them to make good and often rapid progress over time.’

Rosemead Prep and Nursery celebrates ISI inspection
Rosemead Head Graeme McCafferty – the school uses a customised approach to ensure every child’s academic progress and with extensive enrichment, as highlighted by the recent ISI report

“I am absolutely thrilled to share our outstanding recent inspection report with our community,” says Head of Rosemead Graeme McCafferty. “One standout strength that truly shines through is our highly customised approach to every child’s academic progress. The report highlighted our dedication to tailoring personal learning programmes for each child, particularly in subjects like Maths, English, VR, and NVR,”

The report comes at an exciting time for Rosemead. Last year, the school announced a merger with St Dunstan’s College, joining the St Dunstan’s Community of Schools. ‘The whole community is delighted with the ISI inspection for Rosemead. The report rightly recognises the outstanding education Rosemead is offering,” says St Dunstan’s Group Head Nick Hewlett. “Bringing our schools together has been a wonderful opportunity, allowing our staff and students to work closer together, learning from one another and enhancing our students’ educational journeys”.

Rosemead School

St Dunstan’s College

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