The co-educational experience has many benefits for both genders. Although there is no significant difference between the academic achievements of students in a co-ed or same-sex environment, there are many other benefits of a co-educational school experience which should be considered.

Teaches equality 

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, said that co-education creates a feeling of comradeship. He advocated teaching both males and females in the same institution without showing any discrimination in imparting education. This means that both boys and girls should be given the same opportunities to learn the entire curriculum in a co-educational setting. Children who are in such an environment from a young age will grow to respect and appreciate the opinions and attributes of both genders, understanding that even though they may not be the same, they are still equal. 

Challenges sexism

A common stereotype or misconception is that men ‘prefer or are better’ at subjects like maths and science whereas women ‘prefer or are better’ at literature and the arts. Due to this, some same sex schools may not offer as broad a selection of subjects as a coeducational school. For instance, some boys schools may not offer food technology or textiles as they are seen to be ‘traditionally female’ subjects. However in a co-educational setting, it is easy to overcome these kinds of misconceptions, as students will be offered the entire curriculum. Students will see both their male and female peers doing well across a variety of subjects, and understand that no one gender is better at a subject than the other. 

Prepares them for the real world

Whether at work, home or in school, men and women are in constant contact and have to cooperate in daily life. One of the main benefits of a co-educational school is that children will be introduced to this early on in life, and find it easier to build proper relationships – whether it be work or personal – with the opposite sex. A great example of a school that embraces this philosophy is The Lyceum School – a small co-educational independent school in London. The school first opened in September 1997 and since then it has gained a reputation for providing a truly holistic education that helps to prepare children for the real world. Through providing a broad and varied curriculum in a co-educational setting, children learn to be confident, resilient and compassionate young adults.

Better socialisation and communication

The exposure that a co-educational experience provides from a young age can lead to better communication skills and overall socialisation. If students are not given the opportunity to work together, then they will find it harder to develop the skills needed to interact with each other in the long run. In a co-educational school, students have the opportunity to work in mixed gender groups in the classroom, and same-sex groups during sports and other activities. This varied experience means that both female and male perspectives are constantly explored and the varied modes of communication amongst the genders are better understood. Practice is the best way to master social skills that will help students problem solve and work well together, and a co-educational experience is a great opportunity to do this.

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