Pupils at the Ursuline Preparatory School Ilford have taken delivery of 120 ‘Be Internet Legends’ 3D Internaut trophy kits from Google UK – helping them develop their skills and safety in the online world

The Ursuline Prep Ilford want to help pupils to become smarter, safer and happier explorers of the online world, empowering them to use the internet safely and wisely. Following Google’s Internet Legends programme, the school took delivery of 120 ‘Be Internet Legends’ 3D Internaut trophy kits from Google UK.

Each trophy kit contains the parts of a 3D model that is to be assembled by the pupils. However, to view building instructions, each child must take part in an online quiz designed by Google that covers internet related topics such as cyber-bullying, online security, phishing, trolling and social media.

As the children progress through the online quiz they are given the next steps in the build process, and on completion of the quiz, they will have built their 3D Internaut trophy and will have become more confident online explorers.

Ursuline Prep Ilford pupils learn how to be safer online explorers
The kits teach Ursuline Prep pupils how to stay safe and enjoy their time online

Pupils can then go on to see the Internaut character come to life in Google’s Interland, a free web-based educational game that teaches lessons from the Legends Code – including helpful tips on what to do with cyberbullies, how to spot scams and set strong passwords, as well as important lessons on kindness, which ties in perfectly with the Ursuline ethos.

Children who were given the trophy kits to trial some weeks ago gave a unanimous thumbs up, and enjoyed learning new skills to help them to stay safe online as well as building their 3D Internaut trophy. Staff at the Roman Catholic independent school for girls and boys aged 3 to 11 say that online safety is a priority lesson for its pupils.

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