Windlesham House Prep is playing by American football rules, as it has become an official NFL Hub for the south east

Windlesham House Prep has become a National Football League (NFL) Hub for the south-east region. It will welcome NFL Flag Football training, host regular tournaments and play alongside other schools in the league. NFL Flag is the starting point for American football professionally, with a regional final played at Tottenham’s stadium. 

Becoming a regional Hub for the NFL is part of Windlesham House’s drive to offer a more diverse range of sports and to support sports development across local schools. “Our goal, is to bring the local school community together, with an emphasis on state schools. We have launched our own league and other schools are able to play as part of this as well as enrol in the NFL Flag Football curriculum programme,” says Adrian Wallis-Adams, NFL Coach for the West Sussex prep.

Windlesham House becomes NFL Hub
American Flag Football is co-ed and the school wants to open up opportunities to local schools as well as its own pupils

Any school in the area can join the programme and, being a co-ed sport, American Flag Football has a broad appeal. Certification is delivered through a one-day recognised PE staff training course.  The NFL provides all of the training and curriculum material as well as free equipment.  There is also no ongoing obligation or direct costs if participating schools change their mind. Local schools interested in getting involved are invited to send two PE teachers for training and receive a 1st 4 Sport-accredited qualification in NFL Flag Football as well as 10 official balls, 30 official flag belts, six-week NFL Flag Football curriculum pack and the opportunity to join the official NFL Flag League.

Windlesham House is also organising trips to support its local American football team, The Sussex Thunder, based at Sussex University, and has registered the school to attend the NFL regular season games. “Diversity in sport has never been more important and this fun league provides both our pupils and the local community with some wonderful opportunities to train at a high level and to take their talent further afield,” says Headmaster Ben Evans.

Windlesham House Prep

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