Heathfield School recently entered into an exciting fashion collaboration with Parsons Paris

Heathfield School has entered into a collaboration with Parsons Paris. “This exciting collaboration will benefit art and design students in a variety of ways, including the creation of extra-curricular and scholarship opportunities,” says Headmistress Sarah Wilson. Parsons will also review portfolios and presentations and support prospective students’ creative development. Notable Heathfield alumnae include Tamara Mellon and Isabella Blow.

“As a small school, to be acknowledged nationally as a leading provider for secondary art education is superb,” said Headmistress, Sarah Wilson. “To be revered internationally is exceptional with this unique agreement being the only one of its kind in existence.”

Heathfield School fashion collaboration
Heathfield’s collaboration with Parsons will mean pupils get support with portfolios and presentations and help developing their creative direction

Established in 1921, as the first American art and design school in Paris, Parsons has a long tradition of inspiring artists, designers and scholars. Together with Parsons in New York and  The New School – Parsons’ parent university – Parsons Paris prepares graduates to pioneer new industries and pursue creative careers.

“Parsons’ close-knit community, which offers a bespoke curriculum, is reflective of our best practice at Heathfield,” says Sarah Wilson. Parsons will be on hand to support students’ applications for art and design programmes. There will also be a Fashion Designer in Residence – a recent Parsons’ BFA or MFA graduate – to identify and develop pupils’ creative talents.

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