Highgate School student Theo Behe is set to become a comic-book author with a graphic novel inspired by his grandfather’s wartime service

It’s not often that a student project gets transformed into a comic book, but that’s just what has happened to Highgate School student Theo Behe, 14. His story, Johnny Recruit, is out as a graphic novel this spring through independent London comic book publisher Markosia and with gripping illustrations by Tom Muzzell.

Theo, 14, was inspired by the heroic wartime exploits of Bert Houle, his great uncle and also a Canadian RAF flying ace. The idea grew out of a much earlier primary school project, and his familiarity with the graphic novel format enabled him to develop a story line.

Theo With J R Copy
Theo Behe collaborated with illustrator Tom Muzzell – and both had a great uncle Bert who served with distinction

Set in wartime Canada, England and Germany, Johnny Recruit has a teenage hero who, when he learns his uncle has been captured behind enemy lines, sets out to save him. Theo is set to become Markosia’s youngest ever published writer. By coincidence, both Theo and illustrator Tom Muzzell had a great uncle Bert who served with distinction in the War. Theo says of his inspiration: “”He made our family proud, so I wanted to write some fun adventures around him”.

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