Absolutely Education has teamed up with education consultancy Everythings Education to explain how attending a school in the UK can help your child’s university and career prospects in their home country.

Global reputations

The UK is renowned for its superior schooling. The independent sector boasts some of the world’s most prestigious schools, like Eton, Harrow and Cheltenham Ladies’ College. Attending an establishment that is well-regarded across the globe means that your child will stand out against the crowd when applying to university, an increasingly competitive process. Applying to schools can be competitive too; in the past year, the number of Ghanaian students in the UK has increased by more than 20%. Everythings Education has special relationships with top schools and can arrange visits as well as help to prepare for online tests and interviews to secure your child a place.

Excellent facilities 

Independent schools in the UK have phenomenal facilities that will enhance your child’s education, like state-of-the-art sports equipment and the very best computer technology. The future is digital, so a well-equipped ICT suite with iPads and modern computers will prepare them for this. It’s also important to offer appealing social spaces for relation and socialising outside of school hours. British schools are excellent value for money due to the first-class facilities on offer in and outside of the classroom – plus, teaching is of an excellent standard, reflected in the high-level grades that many students achieve.

Extra-curricular activities

Many UK schools recognise the importance of building a well-rounded child, so they will encourage extra-curricular activities such as competitive sport, the arts and charity work. This, in turn, will help your child when they are applying to university and jobs, as it shows they have a wide variety of interests and abilities. Whether it’s learning an instrument, playing a team sport or joining the debate club, extra-curricular activities are key to a bright future. To help you get to grips with the UK school system and decide where to apply, attend Meet the Heads, an event happening at the Ghana High Commission in London on 8 February 2020. The event gives parents the opportunity to meet headteachers, network and listen to informative panel discussions about educating your child in the UK.


Another advantage of sending your child to school in the UK is that they get to experience boarding. A boarding school allows your child to whole-heartedly embrace their education, as they spend all their time at school. Their homework and lesson prep is supervised by teachers, meaning children get extra support, or discipline, if needed. Boarding also teaches children vital life lessons from an early age, like independence and a strong work ethic. But boarding is also fun – it’s a fantastic opportunity to make lifelong friends, as children spend all week together, allowing close connections to form. Having global connections not only widens their prospects, but it broadens their perspective and teaches them about different cultures.

Preparation for university

Attending a UK school is fantastic preparation for university, both in the UK and abroad. If your child wants to attend university in the UK, where better to craft an application than in the country itself, with the help of British teachers who know the system well? “I chose to study in London because the programmes offered by universities in the UK are among the best if not the best in the whole world,” said Ghanaian student Prince Nyimini. If your child is interested in university abroad, the prestigious schooling they have acquired in the UK will impress universities and employers. UK schools offer a wide range of qualifications, from A-levels to the International Baccalaureate as well as co-curricular qualifications like the EPQ. All this will set your child up well for university, and following that, a prosperous career.

Everythings Education is an educational consultancy that deals with the whole child, putting together a SWOT analysis for your child and matching them with the right school and university. They have relationships with several schools in the UK and USA, as well as tutors and universities. To find out more click here