From confusing homework tasks to new curriculums, navigating your child’s schooling can be a minefield. Enter ZingiTT, the platform that can show you how to support your child’s education

As many parents will know, homework can sometimes feel like an insurmountable challenge. From practicing the arts of tactical persuasion to being an on-tap thesaurus or calculator, prep can often result in all parties feeling frustrated and confused. It’s not unusual to find parents up late at night, scrolling through forums, searching for advice from others battling on the homework front. ZingiTT have created an online platform designed to help parents be one step ahead of their child’s educational curriculum.

What is ZingiTT?

Unlike the majority of electronic educational resources, ZingiTT is aimed at educating and informing the parents and caregivers of children, providing informative videos and guides with the aim of encouraging involvement with their child’s education. The concept of ZingiTT was born after the widely successful TT Education group won the 2018 School Improvement Provider of the Year award. Deciding to put their knowledge and expertise to good use, the team created a platform to help further improve parent’s engagement with their children’s education. Conor Heaven, digital learning leader at TT Education, explains, “Parental engagement has proven to be absolutely critical in a child’s education. That doesn’t mean that the parents have to be experts, they just need to help raise the aspirations of the child in relation to education and school. It helps the child appreciate school more, meaning they are more likely to succeed in life.”

Primary education is a topic Conor and his team are passionate about as many are parents of young children. They wanted to create something that was easily accessible but not time consuming. “The last thing many working parents need is their child coming home from school asking, ‘Mummy what’s and adverbial or what’s a subordinating conjunction?’ and that parent may have no idea. What we want to do, no matter what the background of the parent, is to empower and enable all parents to be able to help their children at home.” 

How to help your child with homework

Homework can be a hot topic among parents and educators. Many parents often prefer to leave a child’s education to the professionals to avoid oversaturation of learning. At the other end of the discussion, there are parents who are over-involved in their child’s education, questioning the teacher’s abilities and curricular schedule at every opportunity due to lack of confidence in the education system. Some could argue that educational guides for parents encourage every experience to be an unnecessary learning opportunity for their child. Conor Heaven clarifies that ZingiTT isn’t about micromanaging your child’s education: “It’s to help any parent who is not confident with what their child is coming home with.” ZingiTT strives to give parents a sound understanding of their child’s educational progression, no matter what side of the debate they stand on. 

ZingiTT have created a platform harbouring informative videos in bite-sized chunks, which is constantly being updated using the feedback from a 70-strong focus group of parents. The information is condensed so parents can quickly watch a video in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Since its launch in February 2019, ZingiTT has produced over 120 videos covering subjects such as English, Maths, Science and Phonics. Also providing information for parents who suspect their child has special educational needs, ZingiTT can give advice on how to access help and get a diagnosis.  

ZingiTT has not only proved itself a useful resource for parents; schools have been using the platform as a way to communicate with the parents of their pupils, advising parents which videos to watch as a way of keeping them informed of their child’s learning progress.

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