Hurst is adapting to changing times with a forward-looking structure for the 21st century

Hurst College has grown significantly over the last 15 years – doubling in size, with a shift towards weekly and flexi boarding and a move to an equal co-ed split. The decision has been taken for the school structure to be reshaped to reflect this, and the changing nature of modern education.

Hurst has introduced a Junior Prep structure (Reception to Year 6) which echoes that of the maintained sector, with a separate Senior Prep (Year 7 and Year 8) which focuses on these interesting developmental years. It believes much can be gained by having Year 7 and 8 pupils at the top of their prep school.

Tim Manly Must Use
Tim Manly is now Principal of Hurst and CEO of Hurst Education Trust

The leadership structure has also evolved. Tim Manly has become Principal of Hurst and CEO of the Hurst Education Trust. Dominic Mott has now stepped up to become Head of College. His previous role as Head of the Senior School will now be taken on by Lloyd Dannatt. Michelle Zeidler now becomes Deputy Head Academic and Director of Education for the Hurst Education Trust (HET).

HET is an exciting multi-academy initiative envisaged as ultimately including a small number of local primary schools and a secondary school. The College says it has been driven by a desire not only to do the right thing but also to benefit pupils and staff at Hurst and the schools within the HET.

Hurst College

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