With education and schooling being disrupted for the vast majority of students, we look at the benefits of online tutoring during the coronavirus crisis

This week would typically see children returning to lessons after the half term break, but we’re still no closer to knowing how long children outside of the Reception, 1 and 6 year groups will stay at home for. 

This means that the vast majority of children in the UK will be remaining at home, with their education potentially compromised by an under-resourced learning environment. It’s hard to know the precise impact this will have on typical progress when children eventually return to school in September, but there are tools that can help mitigate too much disruption. Minerva Tutors is an excellent educational resource that can do just that, offering assessments, homeschooling and online tutoring during the summer term and throughout the holidays to ensure your child is happy and confident when they return to school in September. 

We take you through some of our top reasons to invest in educational resources both during and after the pandemic period.

It alleviates the pressure on parents 

In most cases, you’re either a full-time worker, a full-time parent or a full-time teacher. It’s impossible to be all three. Right now, parents are being asked to do the impossible, which is why it’s important that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself to replicate the typical day-to-day learning in a school set-up. A resource such as  Minerva Tutors can create full school day replacement programmes, leaving you safe in the knowledge that while you work, your child can continue to learn and develop during this difficult time whatever their age. 

Children benefit from a one-to-one education

In a bustling classroom environment, children rarely get to enjoy one-to-one learning with their teacher. Having an online tutor ensures that the class will never go on without the student as the tutor is committed to listening to the student and actively responding. Students are also encouraged to step up without the means of relying on others and the tutor can adapt lessons to accommodate the student’s preferred learning style. On the whole, it’s a low-pressure environment in which the student can easily thrive.

While many independent schools have set up their own homeschooling supporting programs in response to the coronavirus crisis, these will still be group-based rather than one-to-one. These group video calls can mean that the same children left behind in the classroom are also being left behind at home. One-to-one sessions with a homeschooling expert will make a significant difference to a child’s overall education experience, especially during these testing times. Minerva Tutors not only offer specialist one-to-one homeschooling, but they also provide additional support wherever necessary.


Unless you are a key worker or have a child in the designated year groups you are not able to send your child to school. Of course, all lessons now take place in the comfort of your own home, However, that’s not to say there won’t be disruptions and disturbances to the school day – especially with multiple family members most likely all working together under the same roof. Online tutoring and homeschooling allows for bespoke timetables and a flexibility that you don’t get in a typical schooling environment. 

Children benefit from the use of technology

Whether brainstorming ideas for a creative writing exercise or demonstrating how to solve a complicated algebra equation, it’s all made much easier with the use of technology. With online homeschooling, students will benefit from cutting edge online tutoring platforms and a live, interactive whiteboard. It means that tutors can record each session for pupils to replay what they’ve learnt over again and again. 

Parents are supported

If, as a parent, you choose to shoulder the teacher responsibilities during this time, you and your child can benefit hugely from having a tutor joining an online homeschooling lesson for at least an hour a day. As well as reducing the amount of pressure you might be feeling, tutors can help to create a schedule, offer curriculum advice and set assessments to track children’s progress.

Minerva Tutors

Minerva Tutors provide safe, high-quality online homeschooling packages to families who are unable to leave home at this unusual time. To receive their tutors’ availability for a range of subjects, including English, Maths, History, Science, Modern Languages and Computer Coding, call them on 020 8819 3276 or email [email protected].  

Minerva Tutors can cover all subjects for those aged 7–18. Initial consultations with parents via video call can also be arranged.