London is one of the best cities in the world to study in. With its extensive cultural offerings, and outstanding academic institutions, it’s no wonder that so many Nobel Prize winners and world leaders have studied in the capital. Here, London City’s Lyceum School shares the perks of going to school in central London. 

A plethora of cultural offerings

With over 1,000 museums and galleries, most of which are free, London provides a highly enriched cultural life for its students. Going to school in the centre means children are close to some of the best out-of-class educational facilities. These include the British Museum, which is home to over 8,000 artefacts discovered by British travellers, and the National Gallery, a space dedicated to the world’s acclaimed artworks such as that of da Vinci, van Gogh and Picasso. 

For a fun day out, children can go to the Science Museum. Its seven floors are jam-packed with hands-on entertaining and educational exhibits, including a virtual reality space-descent experience. Throughout the school year, all year groups at Lyceum benefit from frequent visits to museums and galleries. Indeed, committed to culture, the school also enjoyed a dedicated art week this summer, where students were able to go out into the local area to explore street art – they even saw an original Banksy!

Best of both worlds

Studying in the capital from a young age is great – the constant buzz and fast-paced lifestyle encourages a feeling of motivation and drive amongst students. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life, but there is always space to unwind for children and adults alike, at a variety of London’s stunning parks. Visit Hyde Park for long winding walks or Holland Park to see the beautiful Kyoto Gardens. 

Lyceum School values and understands the need for children to have access to areas where they can unwind and let go of any stresses and pressures. Having moved to a brand new five- storey building, it now offers a spacious playground which can be extremely difficult to come by in central London.

Knowledge at your fingertips

London is home to over 120 different libraries, including the British Library which houses over 150 million books, with three million new items added every year. Studying in central London means that curious minds have more than enough food for thought, with the tools to explore what really interests them. The British Library actively accommodates and encourages visits from schools, offering free workshops where students can develop creative thinking, literacy and research skills.

Get anywhere – fast!

London is well-known for its excellent public transport system which allows you to get from one side of London to the other in about 45 minutes. The benefits of going to school in the capital means that you probably already have a multitude of museums, galleries, restaurants or parks nearby, but if you need to cross town, it’s easy to get around by tube, tram, bus or overground trains. Not only does it make enrichment activities easier to get to, but it also allows for timely commuting to and from school – for parents and students alike.  Lyceum School is located close to both overground and underground stations, which is great for parents working in the city. The school offers a breakfast club starting from 8am, and a variety of after school clubs which go on until 5.45pm every day. 

See the Lyceum School’s new building in the City on one of their open days