If you’re looking at nursery or pre-prep schools, you have probably signed up for several open days. Visiting a variety of schools will help you make an informed decision about the right learning environment for your child. Open day events provide you with the opportunity to meet the school’s leadership team, teachers and current students, while also getting a close-up view of the classrooms, grounds, and other facilities.

Whilst it’s easy to get drawn to beautiful spaces, the importance of a learning environment goes far beyond aesthetics. A school that encourages exploration can inspire a love of learning in young children, motivating them to arrive at school eager to tackle new challenges each day.

This is very much the case at Fulham Nursery and Pre-Prep School in London. Despite its central location, visitors are always amazed by how much space the old Victorian building offers. The newly refurbished classrooms are bright and welcoming, and through them you reach the modern teaching block with dining room and performance hall. Beyond that the school has several outdoor learning areas in addition to the playground and its fabulous astro pitch for games.

Fulham School takes pride in its inspiring spaces that are conducive to learning. Joanna Copland, Head of Pre-Prep, says, “We are blessed with a significant amount of space for a pre-prep school, and this is put to very good use to ensure the children are able to maximise their learning experience from their very first day with us.”

Read on to discover why an inspiring learning environment is important when considering potential schools for your child.

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Fulham Nursery and Pre Prep offers diverse and well-equipped learning spaces

It encourages exploration and curiosity

Environments that support hands-on learning experiences and discovery help young children develop a natural curiosity about the world around them.

“We see the classroom environment as an additional ‘teacher’, designed to build the cognitive, social, language, creative and physical skills that empower children to become independent in their own learning experiences.” Copland asserts.

The school offers diverse and well-equipped learning spaces, including a smart computer suite for coding and robotics. Copland emphasises that these spaces, alongside a range of specialist lessons, “enable individual strengths and interests to develop, accompanied by an evolving sense of social responsibility and a genuine enjoyment of making the most of all the many opportunities on offer.  Many of these aspects are reflected in our core School values of Global Responsibility, Positive Engagement, Universal Wellbeing and Innovation and Enquiry.”

The learning space is key for promoting physical development

Whether indoors or outdoors, a well-designed learning environment should have space for physical activities. Running, climbing, jumping or simply playing with manipulative toys contributes to the development of motor skills and coordination.

At Fulham Pre-Prep, children have access to a wide variety of high-quality physical environments, including a large outdoor play area with its very own pirate ship to provide challenge as well as fun. Tennis takes place on the onsite astroturf, and the Fulham Pools centre is nearby for weekly swimming lessons. They also have two well-equipped outdoor learning areas that give children plenty of opportunity to learn amidst the nature of their self-designed and tended garden.

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Fulham Nursery and Pre-Prep emphasises a personalised approach to learning

The learning environment is important for supporting individual learning styles

Every child is unique; some may thrive in group activities, while others may prefer solitary or one-on-one interactions. Therefore, a flexible learning environment should accommodate different learning styles and preferences.

At Fulham Nursery and Pre-Prep, they emphasise a personalised approach to learning. The school’s nurturing and inviting setting plays a significant role in accomplishing that. Copland says, “Our primary aim is that these early years should be a supportive, engaging, collaborative experience for all.”

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Children at Fulham Nursery and Pre-Prep are encouraged to take ownership of their learning through carefully guided interventions by expert staff

A nurturing learning environment helps children feel safe and secure

A safe and supportive environment setting is essential for children’s overall well-being. When they feel safe, they are more likely to explore, take risks and engage in learning activities. Such an environment also fosters a sense of trust and comfort with their surroundings.  

The learning environment plays a pivotal role in preparing children for future academic success

A positive early learning experience lays the foundation for future academic success. Children who start their journey in a supportive and engaging environment are more likely to develop a positive attitude toward learning, leading to better academic outcomes.

“Children at Fulham Nursery and Pre-Prep are encouraged to take ownership of their learning through carefully guided interventions by expert staff, with a strong focus on the aesthetic environments,” Copland affirms. “My philosophy is that education is for life and the goal is to equip every child with confidence, resilience and a love of learning.”

This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with Fulham School, an independent school in Fulham, London for children aged 3 –18 .


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