Danai and Mia, Head Girls of St Catherine’s School Bramley, talk us through a day in their lives

Danai St C A T S
Danai, joint Head Girl of St Catherine’s Bramley


6:30 – Wake up, get breakfast and pack my school bags before getting the coach to school.

8:45 – Following a brief catch up with the Headmistress and my co-Head Girl Mia, we head to Assembly, where a Dr Puech, Head of Physics, shares her story of running the marathon and how she learnt to stop comparing herself to others and celebrate her achievements. Girls from Year 7 to 13 report on the activities of the past week.

10:25 – After an hour of Latin exploring unpredictable Catullus poems, I head to the Common Room for some hot chocolate with toast, a highly anticipated part of my daily routine. Then, I join other Sixth Formers to chat, before moving to my next lesson: Mechanics in Maths. It is very different from my other lessons as I never know what new, memorable analogy my class will come up with to help us retain new information!

12:00 – Next, my year comes together for SCOPE – the St Catherine’s Ongoing Programme of Enrichment. This term we have attended lectures about university applications and how to become the most resilient version of you.

1:00 – Lunchtime means a rush to avoid the queues. Next, I head to ‘Babble & Biscuits’ with the Year 7 girls to provide informal support to them as they settle into School life, try new clubs and navigate new subjects, before heading to the fitness suite for my weekly workout.

2:15 – My afternoon lesson is history, where I learn about the Tudors and all the misconceptions I’ve believed about Henry VIII since my childhood.

4:30 – Time for Technical Theatre Club! Whether it’s planning and preparing for the next school production or just programming lighting and sound for our upcoming musical Annie, there is always plenty of laughter.

6:30 – I catch the late coach home and unwind with my family before completing my homework, along with some wider reading before turning in for a long sleep.

Mia S T C A Ts
Mia, joint Head Girl of St Catherine’s Bramley


7.30 – I start my day by walking to breakfast from the boarding house. Then I make an iced caramel coffee in the common room, busy with girls getting ready for the day ahead.

8.45 – A brief catch up with the Headmistress and Danai, before assembly. This is generally split into two parts: the first being a current affairs topic. Then we hear presentations by students about activities or achievements in the past week.

10:25 – After an hour of chemistry, learning how matter behaves at the smallest level and trying my best not to spill any acids on the bench, I head to the Common Room, which is in The Six (my boarding house), for toast and a trip to my snack drawer. Then on to Psychology – not one of my A levels but a subject I take to broaden my knowledge.

12:00 – I have a production meeting for Annie. This is our Lower 6th musical, directed, choreographed and delivered solely by us.  No teachers involved!

12:45 – It is a privilege to be able to go to lunch 15 minutes early as a Sixth Former –essentially this means no queue! I spend the rest of my lunchtime playing lacrosse and relaxing in The Six.

2:15 – It’s triple Drama, which I love because I get to express myself in a way that I can’t in other subjects and let my creative juices flow.

4:30 – I rush over to the Prep School to volunteer at Cat Club, our after-school care for the younger girls. An enjoyable hour playing games before Cantores, a senior choir run by Mr Greenfield. He surprises us every week with new warm up exercises before going over repertoire for upcoming concerts.

6:30 – Dinner is followed by homework, going to the gym or practising my singing for grade 8 before my roommate and I unwind and go to sleep, to be ready for the day ahead.

This article first appeared in the summer issue of Absolutely Education

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