From start-ups to global corporations, the world badly needs smart thinkers and doers to create, innovate and generate prosperity. Two experts give their elevator pitch for why Business is a subject worth studying, and where it can take you

Elevator pitch: Why study Business?
Sarah Totton heads up Business at The Leys in Cambridge

Sarah Totton is Business Studies Lead at The Leys School, Cambridge. She studied BA Hons Business at University of Sheffield PGCE Secondary Business at University of Warwick. Outside teaching she worked as Executive Assistant to the Head of Workforce for NHS East of England and Project Manager for the Association of Directors of Public Health

What makes Business so brilliant?

Businesses underpin the success of economies around the world. In an increasingly connected world our interdependence for economic growth has come to the fore and demands our attention. Future economic success will be driven by individuals who possess a deep understanding of business principles and practices.

What made you choose it?

I connected the importance of choices that individual business owners make having a ripple effect on the macrocosm of their society.

Transferable skills and knowledge acquired?

Business students develop a diverse skill set. Financially literate, they also become skilled communicators, critical thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers.

What pathways does it open?

Employers seek well rounded individuals who have the skills and attributes to excel. Business courses are designed to develop these skills and the confidence to tackle new challenges. Whether choosing a university course, exploring apprenticeship schemes or diving straight into working life, Business is a great foundation.

2 things students may not realise Business covers…

Infographics: a picture says a thousand words, while a chart in a financial paper can create a perspective that can doom a business or propel it to glory! Cartoons, Dilbert is a personal favourite.

Edward Fry teaches Business and Economics at Reed’s School in Surrey

Edward Fry is Business and Economics Teacher at Reed’s School, Cobham. He studied Business Management at Kingston University and has a Masters in Teaching and Learning. He is most fond of Business Strategy and enjoys teaching students the skills of enterprise and how best to develop their inner entrepreneur.

What makes Business so brilliant?

The business world is increasingly dynamic as it grapples with an ever-changing external environment. Students of Business are provided with the opportunity to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and time-management skills, all set within topical business scenarios.

What made you choose it?

I really enjoy helping students develop skills they’ll be able to use in real life. Enhancing their career capabilities is one of the great joys of teaching this subject. Also, I’m a Big Dragons’ Den fan!

Transferable skills and knowledge acquired? 

Students gain a whole suite of sought-after transferable skills including numeracy, communication, data handling and entrepreneurial skills.

What pathways does it open?

Business is a pragmatic subject which can lead to a variety of pathways. Business students can expect careers in any of the key functions of business such as Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Finance. School leavers and degree apprenticeships have also become popular in recent years.

2 things students might not realise Business covers…

Business ethics – acceptable behaviours within business, such as fairness, respect and integrity. Also Corporate Culture, the values that characterise an organisation and guide its practices.

Elevator pitch: Why study Business?
Mick Jagger studied at LSE before launching his music career

Business fast facts

Famous Business students: Mick Jagger, Cate Blanchett, John Grisham, Kevin Costner, Konnie Huq

Top spots for degrees:  Warwick, London School of Economics, Bath, Leeds, Loughborough

Where business types hang out: Home Grown in Marylebone, members’ club for the entrepreneurial set, and with actual Dragons among its ambassadors

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