Absolutely Education meets the Headmaster of Taunton School, Somerset to talk leadership, learning and challenges currently facing the independent sector

Q: Tell us about your leadership style

A: I strive to create a strong community, be caring, lead by example and live by the same values as the school.

 Q: What are your ambitions for Taunton?

A: To be known as a school that cares for all members of the community and brings out the best in everyone.

 Q: What makes a good learner?

A: Curiosity to learn, an enquiring mind, and a strong work ethic are the backstop to being a good learner. As a school we then support this through excellence in teaching and provision of a first class learning environment. 

 Q: What are the greatest challenges facing headteachers today?

A: Providing an education that is relevant for 2020 and beyond within the structures of an exam system designed for the mid 20th century. 

Q: What has mattered to you most in your years as a teacher? 

A: There is nothing greater than personal feedback, and to see in practise the positive effect I have had on students’ school lives. Not much beats a thank you card from a happy parent or pupil.

 Q: What would you say are the main challenges currently facing the independent sector?

A: The perception that independent schools are unaffordable. An outstanding education can be available to all children via bursaries and scholarships. Through a variety of scholarships and initiatives like our assisted places scheme this means mean that all parents are able to consider educating their children at an independent school. 

 Q: What are your professional goals for the next few years?

A: To continue to ensure that all members of the Taunton School community, teachers, students and parents are working together to deliver an outstanding education and, ultimately, playing their part in contributing to making the world a better place. 

Lee Glaser For Press
Lee Glaser, Headmaster at Taunton School


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