Tonbridge School’s annual Giving Day raised a huge sum and took it closer to its Foundation Award goals

Tonbridge School’s annual Giving Day, towards the end of the summer term, raised more than half a million pounds. Many hundreds of people across the school community worked together to help support Tonbridge’s mission of increasing its number of Foundation Award recipients to at least 100 by 2028, when it will celebrate its 475th anniversary. In addition, 700 children, from 14 local schools, spent a day at Tonbridge taking part a range of fun activities. 

Giving Day is one of a range of social responsibility initiatives undertaken by the Kent school and is seen as a highlight of its Primary Schools partnerships. Tonbridge’s campus is filled with some 1,000 visiting children participating in a wide variety of sports, arts and academic activities – everything from rocketry to dance, maggot racing to performance poetry.  Tonbridge’s Year 9 pupils take charge of hosting the children, also encouraging them to have a go and try lots of the activities, which are run by the Lower VI.

As part of Community Giving Day Tonbridge boys also visit primary schools to complete projects on their sites. Activities have ranged from creating gardens and wildlife ponds to running sports festivals and helping with costumes and sets for school productions.

Tonbridge School

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