When you have a child with special educational needs, finding the best school can be a difficult and emotional process. Cavendish Education is a small group of boarding and day schools around the UK with varying specialisms for children with unique learning profiles. Here, they share how to find the best school for your SEN child, and what to consider when looking.

Take a tour

Don’t just rely on the internet to find the right school for your SEN child. Try to visit the school in person to find out more and get a feel for the environment, teachers, learning style and facilities. Most of the schools in the Cavendish group are offering small personal tours with Covid-19 precautions in mind. Another option is booking a virtual tour or viewing online videos to give you a digital insight into the school. Alternatively, having a simple phone call or video chat with someone from the school is a great way to pose any questions you may have. Be sure to have a look on the websites of the schools you are considering or speak to the admissions team to see what they can accommodate. 

Consider class size

It’s important to think about class size when finding the best school for your SEN child. Will your child benefit from a large class and lots of socialising? Or will they benefit from smaller classes, more individual care and attention, and closer relationships with teachers? With small classes of no more than 12 pupils, the staff within Cavendish schools are able to get to know their pupils in detail. They understand what it is that helps each student learn and can identify barriers, before developing the skills and strategies that will encourage their students to be independent learners. 

Look for the experts

One size does not fit all when it comes to schools. The Cavendish team often hear painful stories of children for whom their latest school placement has broken down. The reasons for this vary from not fitting in with their peer group, to not progressing in the way that the school expects. More often than not, the child is simply deemed not suited to the school. But these bumps in the road can easily be overcome with specialist training and an understanding of what it means to give the child the right tools for their learning style. Cavendish believe that children with high functioning autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia have the ability to learn and achieve, regardless of their learning style. Their staff are fully equipped to help each child make the most of their education and enjoy their time at school. 

To find out more about Cavendish Education, visit cavendisheducation.com