Emily and Clarke, Head Girl and Head Boy of Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate (QE), talk us through a day in their lives

Emily, QE Head Girl

7:00 – My roommate and I wake up, shower and go down for breakfast together in the Atrium, preparing ourselves for a busy day ahead at QE.
8:30 – Form time and my tutor encourages me to make this a productive day. Then it’s on to assembly where we celebrate student achievements and learn about school events.
9:35 – First lesson today is Computer Science. I’m finding it so interesting learning about how the development of technology will have such a huge impact on everyone’s future.

Emily Head Girl Q E
QE Head Girl Emily

10:35 – During break time, Clarke and I meet with the Principal to chat about events and prefect teams’ progress. Then it’s onwards to my second lesson of the day, Psychology.

12:00 – I go for my bass guitar lesson – a calming break from academic subjects and space for me to be creative. Lunch follows and this gives me a welcome hour to socialise and unwind.
14:00 – My afternoon involves another lesson (Maths) and then a study period. I make use of the time by heading to the library to revise.
16:10 – After school extra-curricular activities! I really enjoy my debating and public speaking, where we are preparing for external competitions.
17:00 – It’s dinner time. On some days I head on for a driving lesson afterwards, but today I get to relax and chat with friends. Prep hour begins at 7pm, so I head off to study in my room – although I can always head to one of the study areas if I feel like a change of scene.

21:00 – After 8pm, we are free to use all the amazing facilities at the school. I like going swimming and then using the steam room or gym. Then it’s back to rooms by 10pm. Time to get ready for the next day before sleep.

Clarke Head Boy Q E
QE Head Boy Clarke

Clarke, QE Head Boy

7:00 – Both myself and my roommate wake up, get changed and head down to the Atrium, our dining hall, for breakfast.
8:30 – The bell signals the start of form. Today, we are working on university applications and personal statements. This time is also used to catch up with friends and discuss the latest fantasy football results!

9:35 – First lesson of the day. Today its Business and we’re currently studying motivation within the marketplace and practising our exam techniques.
10:35 – Myself and Emily have a meeting with the Principal to discuss the week, ensure targets are met and things are going well within the prefect team.

12:00 – Prefects carry out their duties – by this time, it’s a race after a busy morning. Lunch is vital to ensure the same energy and productivity is carried through to the afternoon, and students are always starving, of course.
14:00 – After lunch we have a stretch in the gym and head up to the football pitch for an intense session. Afterwards we head into the sports science lab for a post-session work out.

16:10 – The school bell goes and I head back to boarding to relax before my evening.

17:00 – I head out to Headingley for cricket practice after having dinner at QE. Even if I’m in a rush they still accommodate and pack up food for me to take. By this time food is the only thing on our mind!

21:00 – I have returned to school and have a shower, set alarms and pack both my bags to ready myself for another busy day at QE.

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate: qe.org

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