Stop your child losing their school kit, and save money and waste by following our smart guide to putting a name tag on everything from sweaters to lunchbox

School kit is expensive, so keeping everything from uniform to lunchbox from going missing makes financial sense – as well as saving waste and helping the planet.

You will usually find your child’s school or nursery has strict rules about name tags. This is for good reason. They know just how much stuff children can and do mislay. You are helping school avoid a mountain of lost property if you clearly identify your child’s uniform and kit.

School solutions – smart ways to protect school kit and the planet
There’s a My Nametags label for every piece of school kit – from stickers to iron-on labels, they stay on

Label for keeps

Firmly attached name labels are the only way to protect school uniforms. Children are running around in almost identical kit and they are also forgetful when they are busy having fun. That expensive sweater forgotten during playtime can all too easily get stuck in the lost-property cupboard – or go home with another child. 

My Nametags, which has a Queen’s Award for its British-made customisable labels, did a survey about the scale of the problem. This revealed that a typical child loses nine items permanently each year! School jumpers, books and stationery are most likely to go astray, and parents waste a lot of time trying to track them down to no avail. A label to identify the owner massively increases the odds that stray tie, jumper or blazer makes it home again eventually.

School solutions – smart ways to protect school kit and the planet
Labels are designed to survive tough treatment and are really easy to apply

Choose the best label

No one wants to spend hours labelling and marking. But this need not be a chore if you select the right label. At My Nametags you’ll find everything from Ministickers for small items like notebooks and pencil cases to Maxistickers for bags, lunchboxes and trainers.  These can be applied in seconds and stay put.

Stickers can also be used for clothing – just apply them to the clothing wash label rather than the garment itself. Or you may prefer My Nametags’ hugely popular iron-on labels, which can be added to a clothing label or garment in seconds using a hot iron.

Whether you prefer Ministickers, Maxistickers or classic Iron-on labels, you know that the label will stay firmly in place. The labels are made of hardwearing PVC and use special adhesives and ink. This means My Nametags labels stay put and remain legible for a very long time.

The labels have been rigorously tested to withstand washer, dryer, dishwasher and microwave. In other words, they are made to stand up to all that busy school and home life throws at them.

One useful tip is to consider using stickers if you might hand down school kit to a sibling. Also a good idea if you want to sell them on in your school’s secondhand uniform shop. It feels good for purse and planet to give good-quality and wearable clothing a second life.

You can custom-design your labels so that they are easy to identify and feature their favourite colours and icons

Create a standout label design

Another key priority is to find labels that are easily identifiable among rows of identical school kit. One good way to do that is to add colour and unique details.

My Nametags offers customisable labels, so you can choose the size, font, colours and also your favourite icon. There are fun icons to match your child’s interests – from dinosaurs and footballs to ponies and flowers. There are even special Hello Kitty and Mr. Men & Little Miss ranges.

This is great for the school or nursery. Of course, it’s also a brilliant idea for younger children who are just learning to read. They will find it much easier to identify their school kit by colour or icon.

Creating a personalised design is also fun. You might want to let your child help – perhaps let them choose the colour and design for themselves. That way they feel involved. They may also learn valuable lessons about why it’s important to look after our possessions. My Nametags offers age-appropriate and fun options suitable for babies and toddlers up ‘tweenies’, teens and beyond.

Whether you choose stick-on or iron-on, robust and easy-to-read labels are a brilliant solution for busy families. Your child’s school or nursery will definitely appreciate the effort you’ve made to label things clearly and colourfully. You’ll help the planet. And the payback is also school kit that comes home at the end of the day.

My Nametags
Customised stickers and iron-on labels are great for ensuring even early learners can identify and look after their belongings

This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with My Nametags. With a Queen’s Award, My Nametags offers a range of high quality, customisable and British-made labels for nurseries, schools and care homes. Its long-lasting labels are easy to order, making them a first choice in the UK and over 130 other countries around the world, including all the GCC countries.