A trusted provider of school trips, PGL also offers brilliant Kids’ Adventure Camps – fun, memory making and new skills for them, time off for you

PGL is go-to name for school-organised activity trips, trusted name for over 65 years and working with many top schools. But it also offers Kids’ Adventure Camps for children aged 8-16 in half-terms and holidays. During the long summer break, these camps take place in 12 locations, and with a great range of activities to choose from.

Children learn cool new skills and make memories, while parents get a break and the opportunity to cover off some holiday childcare. The camps are all inclusive – so that’s accommodation and food, activities (with expert tuition) plus 24/7 care and pastoral support. There are generous discounts if you book more than one child or holiday (from 15% for two to a mighty 35% for five), which is a great incentive for families or friends to get together and multibuy – and many do.

Kids' camps – PGL's big adventures
PGL Kids’ Adventure Camps are very popular with independent school parents – many remember their own childhood trips and want their children to experience the same freedom

Discover! (day to three night) camps great for children with less time or those who want a taster of independent travel. Then there are Explore! (four to seven night) camps, with 40+ outdoor activities. Specialist Trailblaze! camps are for pursuing a passion or adding something really useful to their skillset. From baking and bushcraft to pony trekking and surfing, there are 13 amazing options to choose from, each mixed in with traditional PGL outdoor fun. You’ll even find specialist learner driver courses for 13+ camp goers, and an ‘Adrenaline Quest’ for the 11+ cohort – the former gives a head start in a really useful life skill, while the latter combines white-knuckle rides at top theme parks with adventure at PGL sites.

PGL’s research points to the fact that children don’t crave rest over the holidays but a change of scene and the opportunity to spread their wings. The way camps are organised by age makes it easy for children to turn up and make friends. Lots of children travel with a sibling or friend, and PGL even has bookings from cousins at different ends of the country who meet in the middle for an action-packed reunion. It’s popular, too, with international families. Often, the overseas cohort will combine, say a Trailblaze! specialist camp with another week of Explore! activities.

Kids' camps – PGL's big adventures
There are specialist camps to let children pursue their passions, or find new ones – and lots of camp visitors from overseas combine two camps to make a proper holiday of it

PGL started out with canoeing adventures in the 1950s, organised by one Peter Gordon Lawrence (children still love to think the acronym stands for ‘Parents Get Lost’). Often parents who book have fond memories of their own PGL trips and want their own children to experience this same safe and brilliantly organised outdoor fun. It has a whole host of accreditations, including Ofsted and BAPA, and it’s also registered with ABTA.

“You’ll even find specialist learner driver courses for 13+ camp goers, and an ‘Adrenaline Quest’ for the 11+ cohort “

The locations are glorious – from Suffolk, Dorset and Shropshire to Perthshire and rural Wales. There’s even the option of PGL-escorted travel for the journey there and/or back, with convenient pick-up points. Every centre is unique, and you’ll find a mix of modern and historic properties with lovely grounds. Accommodation is simple but comfortable and tailored to children and groups – the holiday luxury here is having so many activities on tap, led by expert guides.

Kids' camps – PGL's big adventures
Children get a taster of independence and with exciting activities and wraparound pastoral care to help them make the most of time away from home

Kids’ Adventure Camps are very popular with independent-school parents, not just for the adventures but also the opportunities to mix with others from different backgrounds and localities. The fact that it’s an all-inclusive set-up (so all children need is a bit of pocket money) is a great leveller. Each camp has Group Leaders who manage pastoral care – helping children settle and socialise and checking in regularly. They are trained in safeguarding and also used to relating to young people. Their mentoring and support works wonders with the reluctant vegetable eater or the child who is hesitant in new situations.

PGL works to be as inclusive as possible and is proud that last year 10% of children attending Adventure Camp independently had a disclosed SEND. PGL advisors work closely with families to ensure individual needs can be met. If children aren’t ready to go it alone (or alone just yet), they may recommend bringing a sibling or buddy or starting out with parents on a PGL Family Adventure.

Kids' camps – PGL's big adventures
Having fun, being active and making friends is one of the big reasons families choose the camps – which are also a boon for busy working parents

For parents, Kids’ Adventure Camps offer the peace of mind of knowing children are busy, making friends and being active. Children, meanwhile, get a change of scene and routine. Oh, and don’t forget their bragging rights back at school. Finally, they get to answer that ‘what did you do over the holidays?’ question with their own long list of epic adventures – all achieved without Mum or Dad in tow.

* PGL Kids’ Adventure Camps cost from £239 per person for a two-night all-inclusive camp. adventureholidays.pgl.co.uk

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