King’s InterHigh Head of Sixth Form Alessandro Capozzi says preparing our students for the world of tomorrow starts with their education today

In September 2022, King’s InterHigh became the first school to offer the IB Diploma Programme fully online. In partnership with the International Baccalaureate Organization, we bring all the benefits of the IBDP curriculum to students anywhere in the world.

We recognise that the world is advancing at an unprecedented pace. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2025, children and teens will need a new suite of skills to succeed in the world of work — including the ability to design technology, utilise creativity across all industries, and the skills to learn actively. Today, the International Baccalaureate (the IB) is rapidly growing in popularity as a future-ready way of learning. Designed to cultivate inquiring, internationally minded young people, the IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous, rewarding qualification for students aged 16 to 19.

Every curriculum has its own aims and benefits. A levels, for example, provide a more specialised education in a specific set of subjects. The IB Diploma emphasises a broader, interdisciplinary approach. Rather than focusing on a specific field, students choose one subject from each academic discipline – from the sciences to the arts – building a rounded education.

The IB Diploma Programme lives up to its name. Global mindedness and cultural understanding are interwoven through every subject. In biology, students may learn about sickle cell anaemia in parts of Africa or the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Ukraine. In English literature, they’ll examine how both original and translated works approach common global issues. Every student also takes a foreign language, opening doors for the future.

“At King’s InterHigh, we’re firm believers that great online education is just as rigorous, warm, and inspirational as traditional learning”

Alongside this, learners also study three subjects known as the “DP core”, which challenges them to put their learning into action anddoes a wonderful job of developing those future-ready skills. Theory of Knowledge, for example, builds critical and analytical thinking, while a successful Creativity, Activity, Service project requires everything from active learning to leadership and influence.

With students from over 100 nations, our learning community is inherently international, putting the IB’s mindset into real action. For Matt, who graduated last year, the introduction of contributions from around the world was the best part of learning online with us. “People were able to bring in perspectives I would have never been exposed to before joining such a diverse school environment,” says Matt, who now studies at the University of British Columbia.

Giving students inspirational experiences is integral to online education, says King’s InterHigh’s Head of Sixth Form

As we shift towards a post-pandemic economy, where remote and hybrid work is commonplace, learning online is also a way to build essential digital skills. At King’s InterHigh, we teach using innovative technologies like virtual reality, immersing students in that innovative way of thinking.

We’re firm believers that great online education is just as rigorous, warm, and inspirational as traditional learning — but with more flexibility, more personalisation, and more innovation. Unlike distance learning during the pandemic, this approach truly works. Our Sixth Form students prove that year after year, going on to renowned universities like Cambridge and Oxford.

The future belongs to young people who can think critically and creatively, collaborating across borders and cultures. With online IB learning, we’re guiding our students to make that future theirs.

King’s InterHigh

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