Five reasons to enrol on a Cypher Creativity & Coding camp

1. Your child will have a great time – Cypher camps are led by young, enthusiastic teachers who love kids, love creativity and love code – and ensure a balance between games, fresh air, off-screen time and on-screen time, really developing our students’ computational thinking.

2. Your child will be inspired – whatever their dream – to be a designer, an engineer, an architect, an Olympian… girls and boys. Whatever industry they choose, Cypher Creativity & Coding camps really engage children through themes that they can relate to like superheroes, fashion, architecture and saving the planet and with hands-on creative projects.

3. Your child will learn the language of the future – a gift that we can give children now is to be confident that they can succeed in the future – to communicate with and understand the technology that will be an essential part of their working lives whatever career they choose. Your child will learn about the computational thinking behind coding and technology.

4. Your child can get ahead – Computer Science is now a compulsory part of the National Curriculum. Our curriculum goes above and beyond its requirements adding relevance, real-life context and imagination – your child will be ahead of the game.

5. Your child will develop confidence and communication skills – in the future the qualities that will be most valued will be those that only humans can bring. We take pride in really nurturing those qualities, such as flexibility, teamwork, problem solving and creativity – these essential life skills are being more and more recognised as assets that are valued by secondary schools, universities and employers.


‘Creativity is the goal. Coding is just to allow that. Creativity is in the front seat; technology is in the back seat. It is the blend with both of these that you can do such powerful things now’

Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Cypher runs holiday camps and after-school clubs that inspire children to learn the language of the future; code. Whether their dream careers are in fashion, architecture, music or technology, the skills of computational thinking and coding are anticipated to play a huge role in their future careers. Through hands-on and creative themes, these camps aim to empower children in code and shape future creators, expanding on the education they receive in school.

Coding is the new necessary life skill. When today’s school children leave university they will be joining a radically different world of work. Futuristic technologies such as AI and robotics will be their reality. It is our generation’s responsibility to educate children on how to embrace these technologies, rather than be intimidated by them. Cypher, a technology and education start-up, is doing exactly that.